Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Suggestions for topics

Dear All,
these are my suggestions for the next summer seminars:
1)Alternative institutions, curatorial and artistic initiatives, networking, self-organization - decentralization, democratization of art and of socio-political discourses? – (proposals for presentations: WHW, Zagreb; Chto Delat?, St. Petersburg; Rotor, Graz, Wyspa Art Institute, Gdansk)
If sb is interested in this topic – please add of the names of interesting organizations

2)Shifting public spaces, cities in transition. Positioning of art in public debates and production of public spaces in post-socialist countries.
(proposal for presentation: Marius Babias, Berlin/Bucharest
(your suggestons are welcomed).
Also, I confirm the interest in the topics suggested during the feedback session:
-Nationalism and Globalization in Post-Socialist Condition
-Methodologies of Art History, Critical Writing and Curating

Friday, September 7, 2007

Suggestions Needed: from Angela

I wanted to ask for your suggestions for next year's summer seminars' topic. Also, if you would like to suggest people for leading the courses and giving presentations, please, post them in the blog.
Any contribution is welcome.
Subject to funding, there might be a possibility to organize an alumni network meeting sometime in March. I will keep you informed about the outcomes.