Friday, September 7, 2007

Suggestions Needed: from Angela

I wanted to ask for your suggestions for next year's summer seminars' topic. Also, if you would like to suggest people for leading the courses and giving presentations, please, post them in the blog.
Any contribution is welcome.
Subject to funding, there might be a possibility to organize an alumni network meeting sometime in March. I will keep you informed about the outcomes.

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Summer School for Curators, Yerevan said...

Hi Angela,
Let me think a while about the possible topics for the next year semminars. In the meantime I would like to suggest you to consider a few people as tutors for the next year seminars:
Artur Zmijewski - artist, theoretician and activist. Recently he initiated in Poland an important and profound debate on political impact of art. I imagine he could make a workshop (but not lectures)(for the recent work - please check Documenta)
Aneta Szylak - curator, critic, founder of independent, interdisciplinary space - Wyspa Art Institute