Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Suggestions for topics

Dear All,
these are my suggestions for the next summer seminars:
1)Alternative institutions, curatorial and artistic initiatives, networking, self-organization - decentralization, democratization of art and of socio-political discourses? – (proposals for presentations: WHW, Zagreb; Chto Delat?, St. Petersburg; Rotor, Graz, Wyspa Art Institute, Gdansk)
If sb is interested in this topic – please add of the names of interesting organizations

2)Shifting public spaces, cities in transition. Positioning of art in public debates and production of public spaces in post-socialist countries.
(proposal for presentation: Marius Babias, Berlin/Bucharest
(your suggestons are welcomed).
Also, I confirm the interest in the topics suggested during the feedback session:
-Nationalism and Globalization in Post-Socialist Condition
-Methodologies of Art History, Critical Writing and Curating

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Summer School for Curators, Yerevan said...

Thanks a lot, Joanna.
Once there are more suggestions, I will start giving some feedback. Meanwhile I hope we'll manage to get an ECF grant and organize an alumni meeting earlier next year.